The Best of the Volvo V60 Momentum Trim Features

There are many reasons why the Volvo V60 Momentum is such a popular vehicle choice these days, but it needs to be commended especially for its lovely trim features. Take a look at some of the most noticeable trim features of the Volvo V60 Momentum below.

First of all, the cloth interior seats were designed for comfort and to exude style. The fabric is interlocked and finely-woven to provide a luxurious feel and also repel any stains. The steering wheel will make you feel in command of the road with its optional leather overlay and matching the charcoal color. The aluminum finish of all the decal inlays throughout the Volvo V60 Momentum contributes to its powerful look. The interior mood lighting allows you to instantly relax once you close the door.

Take a look at the Volvo V60 Momentum for yourself with a test drive at Volvo Cars Rutland in North Clarendon, VT today.

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