Volvo Surprises With the Safety Features of the V90

The Volvo V90 has arrived at Volvo Cars Rutland and other dealerships around the world. It is a very popular luxury wagon from Volvo, and one thing that makes it special is its safety features.

Safer With Volvo

Volvo has always put customers first, and you can tell because of the safety features it has worked so hard to put in the new V90, such as the following:

Forward Collision

Forward collisions could happen for a number of reasons. Experienced drivers have probably seen a few accidents like these around Clarendon, VT. Well, Volvo has noticed, too, and has introduced the forward collision system that detects when other vehicles are too close and warn you about it.

Lane Departure

Drifting into another lane puts you, passengers, and other drivers at risk. The chances of this happening to you are now decreased with the introduction of the Lane Departure Alert System that warns you when you may be drifting into another lane.

We encourage you not to take our word for it alone. We want you to come in and test drive the Volvo V90 so you can see this for yourself.

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